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Technical description:

Work stand dimensions: 630x630mm with height from 0 to 750mm

Ergonomy: Machine’s dimensions are according to basic rules of ergonomy for effortless function. Height can be adjusted from 0 to 750mm either for rolling the wood on work stand or for adjusting the splitter to the height of tractor’s carriage.

Motor: Motor has been tested to tractors from 13 to 100hp without any problem.

Function speed: The splitter starts with the possible less speed until user is familiar to its function. There is no restriction to splitters’ speed, it can function at 340, 570 or 1.000 screw. The only restriction is the power of the motor.

Cones: The splitter is delivered with cone appropriate for user’s wood.

Other characteristics:

  • Very powerful manufacture from hollow steel and IPN beams.
  • Electrostatically painted.


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