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Work stand dimensions: 630x630mm with height from 0 to 750mm.

Ergonomy: Machine’s dimensions are according to basic rules of ergonomy for effortless function.

Motor: Loncin 6,5hp or 13hp. Motor is manufactured in China and is copy of Honda motor. Regardless the power, machine has the capability to split the same form of wood. The difference is that the motor with greater horsepower (13hp) can give the machine double speed. Service and mechanical parts are always available either from Axinar or directly from the importer (

Speed reducer: Speed reducer can take place with worm gear reducer (endless-crown) of company SITI Italiana. This pattern provides user with safety, increased functionality and reducing weight and volume of machine. This way of reduction allows us changing position of trolleys and function in two speeds.

Cone: Cone is manufactured from hardened steel superficially painted until 62 HRC (shaper/file does not function upon cone) for longer endurance. Additionally, cone does not cut, but screws (twists), so it does not need grinding and does not leave grinds. Cone’s axle is Φ45 and it can be stacked. All machines are delivered with cone with spare edges.

Other characteristics:

  • For the shaft support we use dreep groove ball bearings not Y-Bearings.
  • The machine has wheels and foldable rubber handles for easy movement. The way wheels and handles are placed in relation with the center of machine’s weight, allows the easy movement in every place or ground.
  • Splitter’s noise is within the allowed limits (<86dbA).
  • Hexagonal modulation in reducer’s entry facilitates cone’s manual rotation to any direction.
  • In case of emergency the stop button is activated by the user without the need to take his/her hands from wood.
  • Very powerful manufacture from hollow steel and IPN beams.
  • Electrostatically painted


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